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Acid attack on foreigners at Bangkok train station

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Skytrain station in Bangkok

Skytrain station in Bangkok. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A foreign woman artist, Elizabeth Briel, reported on Twitter on Friday that she and her husband had acid sprayed at their faces at the Bangkok Asoke skytrain station last night.

She said the acid was directed at them from the stairway leading to the station near Robinson shopping mall.

Mrs Briel said her husband’s eyes were damaged but would be okay, while she has a burnt scalp.

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1 thought on “Acid attack on foreigners at Bangkok train station

  1. This is really quite a nasty incident. But it should be noted that attacks like this are extremely rare, as Bangkok is an extremely safe tourist destination. Nonetheless, if tourists ever find themselves victimized like this, they should immediately notify the Thai Tourist Police, and even consider hiring a Bangkok lawyer.

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