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Thai Authorities look for answers following Pattaya Jet Ski Scam exposed on national TV

A national TV channel that recently exposed a Jet Ski Scam operating on Pattaya Beach has local government and the Police hastily seeking answers as to why this illegal activity has been allowed to occur for many years.

Despite foreign television programs, You Tube and social networking sites featuring stories of Jet Ski scams, the local authorities have never taken definitive action to stamp-out the scams and regulate the Jet Ski operators, many of which operate as unlicensed individuals who pay no tax and possess no insurance cover for their customers.

The latest exposé which was broadcast on Channel 3 here in Thailand has Pattaya Police and Local Government scrambling for answers to the scams.

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1 thought on “Thai Authorities look for answers following Pattaya Jet Ski Scam exposed on national TV

  1. I have personally, seen by my own eyes, from the steps not far from mikes bazzar the same jet ski owners scam 3 people in on day.

    Mostly indian types the scam, the police are called, + the same interpreter evrey time, we have heard that its up to 20000 baht they claim ? also heard they are all in on the scam.

    We watched the same jet ski being turned over the same big scratch be shown, of course the Indians did not do it, the owners probably made it themselves. !

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