Phuket organises Peranakan wedding event in bid to boost tourism

Lotus leaf block in Phuket

Lotus leaf block. The Buddha of Phuket sits on a pedestal of lotus leaves. Photo: Sonfi99 (M.Gehring).

PHUKET, June 11 — The state-run Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), in cooperation with several organisations including the Peranakan Association in the southern resort province of Phuket, today hosted a traditional Peranakan wedding in which nine couples joined in the event aimed at attracting more foreigners to visit and marry on the idyllic island.

The event, held for the third time, saw nine couples — two couples from Taipei, three from Thailand and four honourary – participating and dressed in Peranakan traditional costumes. The Peranakans are ethnic Malay and Chinese who settled down on the island many years ago, with men referred to as Baba and woman as Nyonya.


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