Police Crackdown on New Crime by Foreigners in Thailand: Boiler Rooms

Thailand News Breaking News

Thailand News Breaking News. Image: TN.

“Boiler room” is an expression for hot telephones burning up the lines while articulate “Phone jockeys” spew promises of great returns on investments to unwitting people they call whom they do not know and never talked to before.

This is called “cold calling” calling someone cold, but from a boiler room the conversation is hot and promises are often made of great returns which, in the unregistered phone rooms often is a scam. However, not all “cold calls” and call centers are a scam. Most are legally registered and offer real services and products.

But with Skype and the advent of the internet the boiler room crimes committed by unregistered companies with illegal staff working without government authorized work permits can be perpetrated anywhere in the world with computer access and Thailand seems to have become a favorite place for these companies to set up.

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