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Foreign gold snatcher in Pattaya, Urban Myth No More

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Breaking News. Image: GoodManPL (Pixabay).

In recent times the blogosphere has been home to reports of a twist in the usual tale of Thais snatching gold necklaces from unwitting persons on the Pattaya streets. These reports claimed there are a couple of foreigners stealing gold necklaces by way of the usual Thai-style snatch and grab from a motorbike. Initially dismissed as urban myths, some witnesses have now come forward to give veracity to these reports.

Pattaya One has been in contact with two people who were present when separate robberies occurred at the hands of these mystery foreign thieves. Based on these witness accounts it is possible there is more than one couple engaged in the snatch and grab caper. In both cases, except for the colour of the robber’s skin, it cannot be conclusively determined they were the same people.

A robbery was witnessed in early December by Gary Albert, a British resident in Pattaya on holiday.

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