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Thailand: Justice for Sale, Freedom for a Fee

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Cynics have long claimed that justice in Thailand is a marketable commodity like almost anything else. A current issue involving a wealthy elderly Swede, accused of multiple cases of sexual abuse of children, financially manipulative lawyers perverting the course of justice and a greedy adulterous judge, have cast a ‘cloud of corruptive gloom’ over the Courts of Justice in Thailand.

Mr. Solberg [Alias] [60], a Swedish national, was charged on multiple counts of sexual abuse after having had sexual relations with underage boys in Pattaya, Thailand. Along with two other foreigners, Mr. Solberg was arrested and remanded in custody in 2009, following an extensive police investigation.

Seeking representation, Mr. Solberg hired a lawyer from a firm located in Soi R, Moo.10, South Pattaya. Miss Wanida [alias], who runs the legal practitioners, had tried to bail her client out of remand more than 10 times, but was ultimately unsuccessful.

Allegedly by chance, Miss Wanida was introduced to another woman Miss Linda [alias] by an associate law firm. Miss Linda was supposed to be very powerful woman and ‘close’ to a judge in the Court of Appeals, who revealed that she may be able to help Miss Wanida and her client.

Using Miss Linda’s connections in an attempt to gain her client bail, Miss Wanida, a lawyer and Mr. Nopadol [alias] (an intermediary for Miss Linda) signed a strong MOU [Memorandum of understanding] regarding procedures and payment. In using Mr. Nopadol (for a minor fee), both Miss Linda and the aforementioned Judge were thus concealed from any involvement in the case.

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