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Bomb shatters Bangkok’s calm

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The bombing, amid protests and an election, risks a crossfire of finger-pointing.

BANGKOK, Thailand — A mysterious bombing has returned unease to Bangkok, still on the mend from wild riots and urban army raids.

One man is reported dead and eight wounded after explosives stashed in a trash bag erupted near a bus stop, charring the sidewalk and slicking the pavement with blood. Typical of Bangkok’s bombings, no one has taken responsibility for the attack. But its timing is unmistakably political.

The device exploded as poll workers added up senate race election results between a ruling party candidate and an opposition protester allowed to run for office from prison. He has been detained since army battalions expelled his anti-establishment “Red Shirts” faction from their crude camp in central Bangkok. In total, the turmoil left 90 dead and nearly 1,500 wounded.


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