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Thailand’s Ex-Premier Vows to Keep Up Fight

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BANGKOK (AP) — The former determination after a court ordered the seizure of $1.4 billion of his assets.

But analysts and editorials speculated that the Supreme Court’s decision not to seize all $2.3 billion of Mr. Thaksin’s frozen assets would at least temporarily ease political conflicts that have plagued the country for the past four years.

The court ruled Friday that Mr. Thaksin, who made a fortune in telecommunications, abused his power to enrich himself and his family while in office.

In a statement issued Saturday, Mr. Thaksin, who is in self-imposed exile in Dubai, said the ruling would not stop him from trying to lead a nonviolent struggle against the government.

In possible fallout from the court’s decision, a small explosive shattered the glass doors of a branch of Bangkok Bank in the Thai capital on Saturday night, but it caused no casualties.

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