Bangladeshi Men Disguised as Monks to Avoid Thai Immigration Busted in Songkhla

Thai Buddhist monks on pilgrimage near Wat Khung Taphao in Uttaradit.
Thai Buddhist monks on pilgrimage in Thailand. Photo: Tevaprapas.

Seven Bangladeshi men who posed themselves as Buddhist monks to evade Thai Immigration’s radar were arrested in Songkhla province on Saturday, September 23rd. They were [Read More…]

Move Foward floats lifting booze ban on Buddhist holidays

In Vesak day or Buddhist days, there is a ceremony called in Thai "Wien Tien" which Buddhist will hold their candle lights and walk around the temple or other Buddhist places 3 rounds praying and make a wish.
In Thailand, where Vesak Day is known as Visakha Buja Day, Buddhists usually make merit by going to temples. Photo: Leelaryonkul.

Key figures in the election-winning Move Forward Party (MFP) have voiced their opposition to the government’s ban on alcohol sales on important Buddhism-related holidays, saying [Read More…]