American Youtuber popular among Thais to compete in ‘Influencer Boxing’ contest

My Mate Nate wearing a smoking jacket

American YouTuber “My Mate Nate” wearing a smoking jacket. Photo: My Mate Nate / Facebook.

American Youtuber Nathan Bartling famously known by Thais as My Mate Nate is set to compete in the “Influcencer Boxing” contest in England on April 22nd.

“My Mate Nate” to face police summons over his latest coins flattening stunt

“I never thought that one day I would be living in Thailand. Before coming to Thailand, I didn’t know much about it, only Taiwan. It must be fate that brought me here, and I feel fortunate to be in Thailand,” Bartling aged 30 said in his social media post.

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By Tanakorn Panyadee

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