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Irish Company Builds Boat That Is Impossible to Capsize

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Thunder Child is An Innovative Boat Impossible to Capsize

Thunder Child is An Innovative Boat That Is Impossible to Capsize. Photo: Safehaven Marine / Facebook.

The Thunder Child is a revolutionary search and rescue boat that is virtually impossible to capsize. Even when flipped upside down in the water, the vessel is able to right itself almost instantly.

Developed by Irish company Safehaven Marine for use by the Irish Navy in high-pressure situations, the XSV-17 ’Thunder Child’ can reach speeds of up to 54 knots (62 mph), fits a crew of up to 10 people, and is designed to absorb shocks from rough seas. But its most impressive feature is the ability to bounce back into an upright position in any situation, which makes it impossible to capsize.

“It is a combination of three factors: A very low center of gravity, the buoyancy of the cabin and the cabin must also be completely water tight,” Frank Kowalksi, managing director of Safehaven Marine, told MailOnline. “The area of the cabin must contain enough air to keep the vessel afloat and it is important no water gets into the cabin.”

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