French Muslim singer leaves ‘The Voice’ for her Facebook comments about Nice terror attack

Image of the truck that crashed into a crowd in Nice, France

Image of the truck that crashed into a crowd in Nice, France, killing at least 84 people dead and many injured. Photo: Youtube.

Mennel Ibtissem, 22, has left the Voice of France contest after the criticism received due a series of messages published by the Muslim singer on her Facebook account after the attack in Nice in 2016, which killed 86 people saw the light.

According to the French press, the now ex-contestant wrote after the terrorist attack: “It has become a habit, an attack a week!”, says the BBC. In another comment, he questioned the finding of the terrorist’s documents: “The ‘terrorist’ took his identity documents with him, it’s true, when you plan a dirty movement, do not forget to take your documents.” The messages, which have already been deleted, carried the hashtag “#PrenezNousPourDesCons” (take us for idiots). With her passage through the show his comments came back to light, causing stir on social networks and viewers of the show, divided between supporters and detractors of the singer. The association of victims of the terror attack in Nice indicated that the words of Mennel Ibtissem were “unacceptable”.

After the controversy generated, the singer apologized on her social networks saying that “obviously” condemns terrorism. In two messages posted on her Instagram a few days ago, she claimed that her words had been “taken out of context”. “They provide an intentionality that is not mine and that in no way reflects my thoughts,” she added. “I was born in Besançon, I love France, I love my country, obviously I condemn terrorism with the greatest firmness, hence my anger, how to imagine defending the indefensible!”, the singer posted on Instagram.

Despite her apologies, Mennel Ibtissem announced last Friday that she was leaving the TV show.


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