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RED shows off its $1,200 “4-View” Hydrogen One smartphone

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RED Hydrogen One smartphone

RED Hydrogen One smartphone. Photo:

PanARMENIAN.Net – High-end cinema camera maker Red has been teasing its forthcoming holographic smartphone for the past month, and has now offered the first full view of its prototypes.

RED’s cameras have been used to shoot hundreds of films since 2005, such as Guardians of the Galaxy 2, and most Netflix hit TV series including Mr. Robot and Stranger Things 2. Earlier this week it struck a deal with Apple to sell some of its high-end kit exclusively at

But in early 2018 RED may be competing with Apple — amid its push into augmented reality (AR) on iOS — with the 5.5-inch holographic display Android-powered Hydrogen One smartphone, ZDNet reports.

It won’t be cheap. The unlocked phone will cost a whopping $1,595 at pre-order prices for the titanium model or $1,195 for the aluminum variant. RED founder Jim Jannard has suggested it will be more expensive if and when it is released.

But for that price, it’s promising a phone that can deliver a holographic view or “4-View” without a wearable display and “multidimensional audio” powered by its H3O algorithm.

The device will also offer modular attachments for shooting video, stills, and holographic content. The phone also integrates with its cinema cameras as a user interface and monitor.

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