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Secrets that make ZALORA Thailand be the number one fashion e-commerce

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Zalora Fashion

Zalora Fashion. Photo: Zalora.

Founded a little over three years ago, ZALORA Thailand continues to propel forward as Thailand’s leading online fashion hub; resulting in an even firmer position in the ecommerce world. Present in 7 countries across the South East Asia – Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Singapore where the regional headquarters are located, ZALORA has proven to have impeccable understanding of each market, thereby tailoring and providing goods and services that match the people’s needs and wants.

To get this far in so little time, there must be something ZALORA Thailand is doing differently; read on to find out!

Crossed off checklist of what needs to be done


Brands were queued up and ready to be online

In 2014, the company grew bigger and faster than ever and here is why: ZALORA launched marketplace where local, independent fashion boutiques could become a part of the success by having space to display items and connect with customers through the ZALORA website.

Not only small-scale brands came on board, some of the biggest Thai designer brands and international fashion brands from the likes of Ray-Ban and ALDO also joined in ZALORA craze the same year.

Shop anywhere at any time with the ZALORA mobile application.

ZALORA decided to be more accessible, by introducing mobile application which since the launch in 2014 has almost 5 million downloads. To top it off, the company formed partnerships with social applications like Line, WeChat, Kakaotalk and Viber to make shopping a thrilling, fuss free experience for the customers.


ZALORA goes BIG with the 12.12 Sale

It only made sense to end 2014 with a bang, so the ZALORA Group came up with the biggest campaign for all branches in Southeast Asia to work together with their 144 partners region-wide in what was called the ‘12.12 Online Fever’. Within 3 days, the company generated over 1 million orders; meaning that there were two orders made for each second that passed! Of course, for this year, shoppers will definitely meet our Online Fever campaign again.

It is an online social affair

Fair enough times are changing and it cannot be denied that social media is one of the main channels of communication today. It therefore only seemed natural that ZALORA connects with ALL through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The company is known to be very active and responsive on social media and now we know why!

Brick and Mortar ZALORA

To reach out to a market unacquainted with the technological boom, ZALORA set up pop up brick and mortar stores in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia and was able to tap into a new market segment; leaving a trail of happy and satisfied customers in every hook and nook.

Today, Tomorrow and the Future

Now, ZALORA collaborates with more than 6000 designers in marketplace and over 1000 international brands. The company aims to keep to keep providing the best of fashion and even better services to the people and there is no stopping this aggressive growth.

It takes hard work and agility to keep on striving for the best and this is one thing we can guarantee the company lives by.

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