Polish man accused of auto theft from South Pattaya Bike Rental Shop

Honda Scoopy scooters at motorcycle shop

Honda Scoopy scooters in Chiang Mai. Photo: shankar s. / flickr.

In the early hours of Sunday Police were alerted to a suspected case of auto-theft from a Bike Rental Shop in South Pattaya and the suspect was thought to be a foreign national.

Descriptions of the high powered bike, a Suzuki Hayabusa 1300cc, and the foreign man, were given to officers on patrol around Pattaya. The suspect and the suspected stolen bike were stopped at the Central Pattaya Road intersection with Pattaya Second Road and the driver, Mr. Denis Wiestaw aged 43 from Poland, was detained.

The brother of the shop owner, who heard a commotion in the closed shop in Soi Yensabai, Khun Puthorn, saw the alleged theft take place and attempted to give chase on his standard motorbike but he soon lost the higher-powered bike.

CCTV from the shop was examined by Police and they report that the images show Mr. Wiestaw position planks of wood onto the road so he could remove the bike from the forecourt of the shop onto the road. He is then seen to drive off on the bike with Khun Puthorn giving chase.

Source: Pattaya One

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