Deportation request for dishonest German Beggar from Pattaya Tourist Police

Thai Tourist Police

Thai Tourist Police logo. Photo: Mattes.

Pattaya’s Tourist Police have requested Immigration to deport a German man who has been begging for money on Pattaya Beach during the day and using the money to purchase drink and prostitutes at night.

Mr. B. H. aged 29, first came to the attention of the authorities after he was found sleeping on the streets near Kao San Road in Bangkok.

Khun Sirirat from a German Travel Association based in Bangkok, agreed to help Mr. Holst in conjunction with the Tourist Police in Bangkok. She began by providing a Hotel room and food for Mr. Holst and agreed to take him to the German Embassy in Bangkok to obtain a new passport, so he could travel back to Germany.

A total of 40,000 Baht was raised by the Association and others concerned for Mr. Holst, who agreed to meet Khun Sirirat at the German Embassy. Instead he is believed to have gone to the Embassy at an earlier time to obtain an emergency passport but he then travelled to Pattaya with the 40,000 Baht and began begging on Pattaya Beach during the day and frequenting bars at night.

By Pattaya One

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