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Woman assaulted at Petrol Station Toilet Block in Jomtien

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Public toilets at a gas station in northeastern Thailand

Public toilets at a gas station in northeastern Thailand. Photo: Mattes.

A woman escaped a potential sexual assault inside a Petrol Station Toilet Block in the early hours of Sunday.

Police were called to the Toilet Block at the PTT Petrol Station on the Tepprasit Road and met with the alleged victim, Khun Som aged 23. She directed Police to the Toilet Block and explained that she was inside one of the cubicles when a Thai Man looked over the top of the cubicle and then jumped in with Khun Som who opened the cubicle door fearing she was about to be assaulted.

The man, who managed to escape, is then reported to have punched Khun Som in her face and stomach. Her screams are thought to have prevented the attack from progressing any further and the man was seen to run into a nearby area of woodland.

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