Thailand to prevent illegal immigration

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BANGKOK, 24 April 2012 (NNT)-Acting Spokesman to the Prime Minister Office Mr. Anusorn Iamsaard has said that the Cabinet has approved the proposal by the National Security Council (NSC) that the entire system overseeing illegal immigration in the country be overhauled.

According to him, under the new system, more than 500,000 illegal immigrants who have been residing in Thailand for a long period of time and can’t be repatriated will be given a new status by the immigration bureau based on the criteria earlier approved by the Cabinet.

Meanwhile, over 2 million illegal migrants of Burmese, Laotian and Cambodian nationals will be legally registered and allowed to enter Thai workforce, whilst some of them who have been taking refuge in Thailand such as those fleeing the atrocity in North Korea and Myanmar will be allowed to remain in Thailand temporarily.

They will stay in the country until it is ruled whether they will be sent to another country or back to their countries. Thailand will coordinate with its neighbors to prevent illegal entry. Guidelines will be laid out as a model for those involved to follow in order for them to secure the Thai border more effectively.

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