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Thai Public Heath Ministry is vigilant as avian flu cases rise in many countries

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CDC researchers re-created the 1918 influenza virus in 2005

CDC researchers re-created the 1918 influenza virus in 2005. Image: Terrence Tumpey, Cynthia Goldsmith / CDC.

BANGKOK, 1 March 2012 (NNT) – The Ministry of Public Health is becoming more vigilant as cases of avian flu which is transmitted among humans have been discovered in Thailand’s neighboring nations.

President of Influenza Foundation and Chairman of the Ministry of Public Health Advisory Committee Professor Emeritus Dr. Prasert Thongcharoen said even though no human to human avian flu outbreaks have been reported in Thailand, prevention measures should be exercised at all time.

Such cases have been continuously found in Laos, Vietnam, India, China and especially Indonesia, where anyone contracting the disease would have only 18% chance of survival.

According to Dr. Prasert, Thailand has adopted a better control by testing patients who have been confirmed to have pneumonia for traces of H1N1 virus to prevent the spread. Meanwhile, poultry will also be tested for the disease, given that a large number of them died during the flood crisis but it has not been concluded whether drowning or the avian flu was the true cause of their deaths.

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