Pitbull terrier mauls 71-year-old owner to death

White Pitbull

American Pit Bull Terrier. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

A pitbull terrier attacked and killed its 71-year-old owner in a Bangkok district Wednesday, police said.

Police said Somsakul Suanphairin, suffered severe wounds on her head, face and throat. Her skull was also broken. She has already died when rescuers and livestock officials arrived at her house on Soi Sukhapibal 5 in Bang Khen district at 12:30 pm.

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3 thoughts on “Pitbull terrier mauls 71-year-old owner to death

  1. what?….i blame the dog and would have cut its throat for what it did……hopefully somebody quickly put an end to its life, there is no place for a dog like that.

  2. Our hearts go out to her family and staff. Momma Lisa was a wonderful, sweet, and friendly woman who worked and worked and worked all her life to bring her family (and extended family) a great life filled with opportunities. She was very kind and generous.

    Her restaurant brought joy and pleasure to three generations of my family, many celebrities, and thousands of people with the best Thai food on the planet. Many Microsoft products were created on full bellies from her kitchen.

    She is GREATLY missed. RIP.


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