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Thai PM orders reinforcements for helping flood victims nationwide

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BANGKOK, 15 October 2011 (NNT) – Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has instructed the Royal Thai Air Force and the Royal Thai Police to deploy additional officers in an effort to reach out to all flood victims across the country.

Speaking of her meeting with the flood relief operation center, the military, the police, experts from China and related agencies at Don Mueang Airport, Prime Minister Yingluck stated that the joint effort to assist people stranded by floods was the main discussion at the meeting. She said the Interior Ministry was tasked with conducting a census for flood-hit areas in order to determine how many local residents had evacuated to sheltering centers and how many were still stranded in their homes.

The premier then requested the Air Force and the police to send reinforcements to rescue the latter group. If the victims insist on remaining where they are due to concerns over the safety of their residences and properties, the officials will need to take the severity of the flood situation into account before deciding to allow them to stay. Food, medicines and other necessities will also be provided.

In regard to people’s objection to the construction of floodwalls in many areas, Ms Yingluck said provincial governors had been assigned to create an understanding on the matter and the result had been satisfactory so far. She affirmed that the Government’s priority at the moment was to move people out of flooded zones at haste and ensure the well-being of all victims.

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