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Thai merchant robbed at Thai-Burmese border gunpoint

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TAK, 18 November 2010 (NNT)-The unrest which continues to exacerbate along the Thai-Burmese border has prompted the Burmese authority to impose a ban on commodity deliveries across the border at night, indirectly forcing businesses to close earlier than usual.

Cross-border trades have been hectic and in a rush, as the Burmese authority allows merchants to cross the border only during the day. Burma has ordered the border closed despite its first election being over, according to reports.

In a separate incident in the province of Tak, a Karen soldier held a Thai merchant at gunpoint and made off with over 5,000 baht. He was hiding in a nearby village when he was arrested a short while later by Thai soldiers patrolling the area. The suspect was also found to have been in possession of an AKA rifle and hand grenades.


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