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Thailand: 3G licensing to go ahead

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Government plan to terminate the current mobile-phone service concessions could face legal hurdles; NTC will hold roadshows overseas in attempt to woo foreign bidders

While the national telecom regulator is moving ahead as planned with its grant-ing of 3G spectrum licences, the government’s concession-termination plan runs the risk of getting snagged by a legal hurdle.

Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva said the National Telecommunications Commission could go ahead with the plan to grant the third-generation licences, scheduled for September, as the government had no authority to intervene.

He made the remark during a meeting with the watchdog yesterday.

Natee Sukonrat, an NTC member, said after the meeting that the NTC would continue with its plan.

The agency informed Abhisit that it had sent the final 3G-2.1GHz licensing plan for publication in the Royal Gazette.

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