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Thai Movie Blamed for Tragic Suicide of Six-Year-Old Girl

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A six-year-old girl has unwittingly committed suicide whilst demonstrating the act of a hanging with her twin brother. The pair had recently watched a Thai movie depicting a young woman committing suicide something, which psychiatrists believe, significantly influenced the young girls’ actions.

Nakorn Sawan, the 1st of July 2010 [PDN]: At approximately 10:00am on Thursday, Captain Jukkrit Sangpoung (Nakorn Sawan Police Investigator) was notified of the death of a six-year-old girl in the village of Ladyao. Allegedly, the girl had committed suicide whilst “play-acting” with her twin brother.

At the scene, the grieving family of the deceased girl, now known as Nong Tan, confronted officers whilst a crowd of neighbours had gathering round to pay their respects. In a state of shock the young girl’s twin brother, Nong Tor, showed police where the incident took place, a 3-meter high tree in front of the family home.

Reportedly, whilst playing outside after school the twins had decided to re-enact a young girls hanging, which they had witnessed on the television recently.

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