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Paws for thought dog rescue in the Land of Smiles

One thing that many visitors to the Land of Smiles notice is the number of dogs roaming the streets. While these dogs often look happy and well cared for, this is not always the case.

So it’s good to know that there are some good Samaritans that have made it their mission to care for Thailand’s canines. One such savior is Warin Taphaothong, who lives in the Bang Na area of Bangkok.

After making her fortune in the US, Warin Taphaothong returned to Thailand and bought a plot of land in Bang Na with the plan of starting her own business. However, she soon became sensitive to the plight of the street dogs in her area and decided to devote her time and money to taking care of them.

“Right now, I have some 200 dogs in my house. I also take care of hundreds of other dogs and puppies taking refuge in temples. In addition, I pay for the food to feed homeless dogs living on streets and beaches. I have been doing this for a decade now,” Warin Taphaothong told the Bangkok Post recently.

Anyone who wants to help support Ms Warin and her dogs can contact her directly on 08-6048-3349 or 08-4877-2737.


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