Denmark’s Largest Party Grilled for ‘Send Asylum Seekers to Africa’ Plan

Picturesque houses in Nyhavn District of Copenhagen, Denmark

Picturesque houses in Nyhavn District of Copenhagen, Denmark. Image: skeeze (Pixabay).

Danish left-of-center allies have responded skeptically to the unconventional asylum proposal by fellow Social Democrats. At the same time, however, “group hugs” were promised by the anti-immigrant Danish People’s Party.

Refugees will no longer have the option of claiming asylum “spontaneously” upon reaching Denmark’s borders, according to the recent toughening of immigration laws proposed by the Social Democrats.

Instead, Denmark’s largest opposition party wants to send would-be asylum seekers to a Danish-funded and Danish-run facility in a yet undetermined North African country, while their cases are processed, Danish Radio reported.

While calling for a more humane refugee system compared with what is currently in place, Social Democrats leader Mette Frederiksen instead called for Denmark to receive so-called “quota refugees” distributed by the UN. In this way, she stressed, Danes themselves will be able to determine how many third-world immigrants they would like to receive.

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