Two year old girl raped in India, teens arrested for the crime

Auto rickshaws in Ahmedabad, India

Auto rickshaws in Ahmedabad, India. Photo: Bernard Gagnon. CC BY-SA 3.0.

In October 2015, two teenagers have been arrested for the rape of a two year old girl in New Delhi. The girl was found bleeding in a park after the incident. Police questioned 250 suspects before arresting two 17 year old boys. The two boys plea guilty to the crime.

Dependra Pathak, Delhi police commissioner says, “Delhi police have solved [the crime] by apprehending two juveniles in the rape case of a child…Further investigation is on. All concerned evidences are being collected.”

The child went missing whilst playing outside, and was found bleeding later that day, She was found by her neighbours. She was then taken to hospital for recovery, This girl was the second toddler to be raped in New Delhi in a 24 hour period. A week before this incident, another girl was found, raped and slashed on a train track in Delhi.

In response to these events of child rape, more rallies have begun in Indian neighbourhoods. There is a renewed public anger and people are rallying outside Delhi police headquarters.

The social movement to better address the crime of rape in India began when a woman was gang raped on a bus in Delhi in 2012. In 2013, India amended and implemented laws to better protect victims of rape.


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