Two Drunk Australian Tourists Involved In A Brawl In Phuket

Thailand News Breaking News

Thailand News Breaking News. Image: TN.

2 tourists from Australia came to Phuket for holiday, when they went out at night, they became drunk and unaware of their actions.

When the drunk Australian tourists tried to go into a well-known pub in Phuket, they weren’t permitted to go in due to their drunk state. They were angry that the doorkeeper or bouncer didn’t let them in, they then assaulted an American tourist in front of the pub to express their angriness. It was also reported that they assaulted the bar girls and many more tourists as well.

Tourists and nearby people helped to catch the Australians, they were then sent to a nearby hospital as they were injured. The incident happened at Patong sub-district, Phuket Province.

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