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Aussies Help Thai Police Battle Sexual Exploitation

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Breaking News. Image: GoodManPL (Pixabay).

An Australian charity, helping the Thai police fight under-age sexual exploitation, conducted a sting op. Nov16. in Ban Chang, rescuing three 15-year-old females from a bar-brothel. This represents but a pin prick in the war against the exploiters of an estimated 1.2 million women and children that are victims of human trafficking annually.

November 18, 2010: An Australian humanitarian organisation, the Grey Man Charity, largely composed of ex-special forces soldiers and former police, is currently lending a hand in the fight against under-age sexual exploitation and trafficking in Thailand, assisting the Thai Police’s Anti-Human Trafficking Unit. In an ongoing undercover undertaking, three 15-year-old girls were rescued in a sting operation from a bar-brothel in Ban Chang on Nov16 by members of the organisation, most of whom for security reasons wish to remain anonymous.

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