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Silom McDonalds Bombed

Bombs Continue to Rock Silom The glass walls and windows of Mc Donald’s at Silom Center was damaged in what authorities believe to be either a bomb or gunfire attack while a ping pong bomb was thrown at Saladaeng intersection last night. Just off Silom Road, the red-shirt protesters have erected more barricades in front […]Read More


Thailand red-shirt protesters storm Bangkok hospital

Patients have been evacuated from a hospital in the Thai capital, Bangkok, after anti-government demonstrators forced their way into the grounds. The red-shirts, looking for soldiers they thought were hiding there, later apologised for the incident. In a TV address, Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva has said he will not tolerate further violence by the reds, […]Read More


Razor clams at Don Hoi Lot under threat

Razor clams, or Hoi Lot in Thai, have been a source of food and income for local fishermen in the central province of Samut Songkhram for decades. But the razor clam population at the mouth of the Mae Klong river is now under threat. This report takes you to Don Hoi Lot, a habitat of […]Read More