Google down: Gmail, YouTube and other platforms reported down in several countries


Google was down on Friday: Gmail, YouTube and other platforms such as Twich, Spotify and Google’s search engine. reported down in several countries.

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Google suffered one of its strongest international crashes on Friday. Many countries around the world have reported failures in its applications and functions such as YouTube, Gmail, and other platforms such as Twich, Spotify and even Google’s own search engine.

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According to different international media, the problems do not seem to be exclusive to Alphabet’s search engine. In addition, they point out that the website, which shows the status of services in real time, reported some problems that the aforementioned services are suffering.

Early results showed that thousands of people reported crashes in Google’s search engine, the Gmail mail service, and YouTube.

This prompted many users to report their experience on Twitter. But they did not only focus on Google’s search engine. According to users, there were bugs in Gmail, YouTube and the music platform Spotify.

On the other hand, users also included Twitch in the downed platforms. So far there has been no official response from Google. It also recalled that one of the last international outages occurred in 2020, when three outages in a row caused the search engine to crash worldwide.

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