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Handicrafts at Wat Lok Mori temple, Chiang Mai

Over 500 illegal migrants left in lurch

More than 500 illegal migrant workers from Cambodia and Myanmar were found to have been abandoned by their employers or had left their jobs following the enactment of a decree imposing harsh punishment on the recruitment of undocumented alien labourers. A total of 143 undocumented Cambodian workers found in several provinces,

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Refugees in Calais camp, France

Agony in the ‘Jungle’: French People Rally Against Migrants in Calais

More than a hundred of protesters are participating in the rallies against undocumented migrants in the French port city of Calais, far-right activist group Generation Identitaire said in a communique Saturday. MOSCOW (Sputnik) — The statement added that permanent attacks against city's residents, drivers and security forces became the agony of

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