Russian tourists significantly drop to Phuket

Phuket Smart Bus

Phuket Smart Bus. Photo:

A major tour bus marketer revealed that judging from her observation at Phuket Airport, Russian tourists are significantly decreasing, but the good news is, according to her, that more Indian tourists are coming to Phuket.

Today, March 19th, Ms.Sirinya Nookong, the marketer of Andaman South Coast Travel Company Limited, made a comment to the media that there was a noticeable decrease of Russian tourists coming to Phuket and some Russian flights even stopped coming to Phuket entirely. Tourists from other nations, on the other hand, are in their usual flow such as Israel and Turkey, and according to Ms.Sirinya, we will start to see more Indian tourists in the next month. As for Thai tourists, they usually like to come to Phuket on weekends with a group of friends or families.

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