Police flush protesters with tear gas, rubber bullets, as clashes in Bangkok resume

A line of policemen and policewomen equipped with riot shields at Naorawat bridge in Chiang Mai

A line of Thai riot policemen and policewomen equipped with riot shields. Photo: Takeaway.

Crowd control police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at hardcore protesters this evening, as the demonstrators tried to breach a wall of shipping containers, placed at the main Din Daeng intersection in Bangkok to prevent them from moving toward the First Infantry Regiment of Royal Guard barracks, where Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has his residence.

The protesters refused to disperse after leading members of the “Talu Fah” group, which organised the protest today, announced an end to the rally when they realised that the peaceful protest they had promised might turn violent. They responded with sling shots and flares aimed at the police.

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By Thai PBS World

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