¥ellow Bucks and ØZI on fire with their upcoming banger “Go Ahead”

¥ellow Bucks and ØZI on fire with their upcoming banger “Go Ahead"

¥ellow Bucks and ØZI on fire with their upcoming banger “Go Ahead". Image: M.A.U Collective.

¥ellow Bucks and ØZI are a duo not to be messed with. Their collaboration on the DJ RYOW & SPACE DUST CLUB track, “Go Ahead” is nothing short of sonically amazing. They both ride the fast-paced beat with priceless form. Their talent as artists shows out over the beat as they rap with infectious melodies and solid bars mixed with a stellar hook that compels listeners to sing along. “Go Ahead” is flawless in production, composition, and performance. ¥ellow Bucks blends old and new style meshed perfectly over the beat as he delivers one hell of a song besides ØZI. They put on for the culture and expand the Asian hip hop scene even further into the world. The collaboration will find its way onto airwaves on June 4th, 2021 and fans both locally and internationally are lying in wait to soak up the greatness of “Go Ahead” and they are in for quite the musical experience.

Together the two artists create gold in the booth and the world will be treated to something like never heard before when their track drops. This project is a part of the M.A.U Collective and BPM Plus Asia’s mission to revive the Future Shock legendary label, with the support and A&R strategy from NXWV to connect Japan and Taiwan, the NEW BPM Project in 2021 will shock the music industry into a new future.

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