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Sweden Goes From ‘Most Racially Homogeneous’ to ‘Most Heterogeneous’ in Record Time

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The Uppsala Mosque in the Kvarngärdet neighbourhood of Uppsala in Sweden

The Uppsala Mosque or Uppsala Moské is a small mosque located in the Kvarngärdet neighbourhood of Uppsala in Sweden. Photo: Oden.

While Sweden’s population remained almost exclusively Swedish for most of the 20th century, the share of immigrants and their descendants has quickly soared to about a third of roughly 10 million.

In a matter of a single generation, Sweden’s population has gone from being one of the most racially homogeneous in the West to one of the most heterogeneous, researcher Tobias Hübinette, an associate professor at Karlstad University, wrote on his blog.

While Swedish left-wing magazine Expo, self-described as “anti-racist”, recently claimed that Swedes becoming a minority in their own country was a dangerous myth, allegedly peddled by “right-wing extremists” and “anti-Muslim activists”, Expo’s own founder and former research chief Hübinette maintained that Sweden has indeed undergone a record population shift.

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