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TAT launches online campaign entitled “Amazing 10 Days in Thailand”

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) announced the results of the survey conducted from travellers all over the world to find out the “100 Most Amazing Places in Thailand” and also launched the online campaign titled “Amazing 10 Days in Thailand”. The winner will receive a free 10-day trip to Thailand for two persons.

These two activities come under the national campaign called “Amazing Thailand Always Amazes You” via online channels, aimed to create awareness and inspire travellers from all over the world to visit Thailand. This marketing campaign consists of two main activities: the online survey “Your Amazing Places in Thailand that Always Amaze You” and “Amazing 10 Days in Thailand” competition.

The “Your Amazing Places in Thailand that Always Amaze You” campaign is an online survey, conducted from 3,389 travellers from 68 countries around the world, who have visited Thailand. Conducting the survey from February to April 2011, the result is now ready for public announcement.

Mr Prakit Piriyakiet, Deputy Governor for Marketing Communications, Tourism Authority of Thailand said that “On behalf of The Tourism Authority of Thailand, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all travellers who participated in this survey. The results will help us identify the key issues for planning strategic promotional and PR campaigns.”

By Tourism Authority of Thailand

Tourism Authority of Thailand

Established in 1959, Tourism Authority of Thailand has continuously spent more than half a century promoting the country’s tourism until today. With the clear vision for world-class excellence in the promotion of modern tourism marketing, TAT has attached significance to sustainable tourism and the promotion of the identities and grace of Thainess, to create the balance of economic, social and environmental concerns.

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