Transgenders Assault Saudi Arabian and Palestinian Tourists On Pattaya Beach

Wong Amat beach, Pattaya with city skyline
Wong Amat beach, Pattaya with city skyline. Image: StarryVortex.

Early this morning, nearly 20 Thai transgender individuals physically assaulted Saudi Arabian and Palestinian tourists at the Pattaya beachfront. The incident occurred after one of [Read More…]

Pattaya Transgender Person Pickpockets Russian Couple and Gets Arrested

Thai Tourist Police Sign in Pattaya
Thai Tourist Police Sign in Pattaya. Photo: Joseph Hunkins / flickr.

A transgender person in Pattaya was arrested by police last night for allegedly pickpocketing cash and two gold necklaces from a Russian couple several days [Read More…]

Two thieves allegedly steal wallet and mobile phone from Indian ex-pat and business owner in Pattaya

Pattaya beach road
Pattaya Beach Road. Photo: Kimmam.

Two transgender thieves allegedly stole a wallet and mobile phone from an Indian man on Pattaya Beach Road. A 50-year-old Indian man who also is [Read More…]

Two transgender suspects arrested on Pattaya Beach after allegedly trying to steal Russian tourist’s gold necklace

Pattaya seawall
Walking along the beach in Pattaya Soi 10. Photo: Orientalgetaway.

Pattaya tourist police ambushed two alleged gold necklace thieves and arrested them while they allegedly tried to steal from a Russian tourist early this morning, [Read More…]

Indian tourist files police report after mistakenly taking transgender person to his Pattaya hotel

Bar girls in Pattaya
Bar girls in Pattaya. Photo: Aleksandr Zykov / flickr.

An Indian tourist in Pattaya filed a police report on a stranger whom he reportedly paid to go to his hotel room but later turned [Read More…]