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When Blood Is a New Alternative Medicine for Pain Relief at Chula Pain Clinic

Chula Medicine researchers have successfully published an article on the injection of patient’s own platelets rich plasma into the shoulder ligaments resulting in pain reduction, heal torn ligaments and restore torn muscles as an alternative to surgery while reducing the side effects of prolonged use of pain medications.

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‘Hemophilia’ – a Disease that May Not Be Cured But Opportunities for a Good Life Are Still Possible

Patients suffering from Hemophilia, a genetic disease that lasts throughout one’s lifetime and has no long-term cure can still expect a quality of life. A Chula medical specialist recommends preventive replacement factor treatment that uses an application to record abnormal bleeding along with regular communication with one’s physician.

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Blood from monkeys on Koh Chang being tested for monkey malaria


Officials from Thailand’s Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation and the Department of Livestock Development have been sent to Chang Island in Trat [more…]