Thailand remains unprepared for another tsunami 17 years after last one: Thai experts

2004 tsunami in Ao Nang, Krabi Province

2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami in in Ao Nang, Krabi. Photo: David Rydevik.

Public disaster experts admitted today (Sunday) that the Thai public is generally unaware of the danger posed by a repeat of a devastating tsunami, like that which struck many countries in Southeast Asia and around the Indian ocean, including the west coast of southern Thailand 17 years ago, and that there is a lack of a credible tsunami early warning system.

Expressing his views on the anniversary of the Asian tsunami today, Dr. Pennueng Wanichchai, chief of the project to mitigate the dangers of earthquakes for the Ministry of Science, Research and Innovations, said that there is a possibility of another tsunami in the life time of this generation, because a huge source of energy has accumulated under the Andaman Sea and is yet to be released in the form of an earthquake and tsunami.

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