World is Getting Crazier Every Day: Users Vexed as Disney+ Axes ‘Racist’ Peter Pan, Dumbo

Disney's Festival of Fantasy Parade Finale.

The iconic Cinderella Castle, the symbol of Magic Kingdom park in Walt Disney World Resort. Photo: Jennifer Lynn.

Amid a renewed debate on racism in everyday life, including the portrayal of black people in popular culture, Disney Plus last year tagged warnings on some of the older films in its archive as containing “outdated cultural depictions”, with some much-loved animated classics flagged.

A spate of classic animated favourites of more than one generation of children have been taken off the proverbial kid’s shelf of Disney’s streaming service after an update to its content advisories.

Disney+, the company’s subscription-based video on-demand service, blocked anyone under the age of seven from watching Peter Pan, The Aristocrats, Swiss Family Robinson and Dumbo for breaching ‘content advisories’ that were recently put in place, reported the Daily Mail.

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By Svetlana Ekimenko
Sputnik International

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