World is Getting Crazier Every Day: Users Vexed as Disney+ Axes ‘Racist’ Peter Pan, Dumbo

Disney's Festival of Fantasy Parade Finale.
The iconic Cinderella Castle, the symbol of Magic Kingdom park in Walt Disney World Resort. Photo: Jennifer Lynn.

Amid a renewed debate on racism in everyday life, including the portrayal of black people in popular culture, Disney Plus last year tagged warnings on [Read More…]

Police shoot dead suspect in Copenhagen attacks

Krudttonden Copenhagen shootings
Krudttonden Copenhagen shootings. Cultural centre Krudttønden behind the cordon, 14 February 2015, after the initial shooting. Photo: The Press @ Krudttønden -cphshootings. CC BY-SA 2.0.

Police in Denmark have shot dead a man they believe was responsible for two gun attacks that killed two people in Copenhagen yesterday. Police had [Read More…]

Mumbai Newspaper Editor Fired, Arrested for Republishing Charlie Hebdo Cartoon

Fire at Charly Hebdo offices in Paris
Fire at Charly Hebdo offices in Paris. Photo: Pierre-Yves Beaudouin.

A newspaper in India was shut down and its editor arrested after republishing one of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo’s cartoons featuring the Prophet Muhammad [Read More…]

Bangkok’s ‘Hitler chic’ trend riles tourists, Israeli envoy

Tuk tuk on a street in Bangkok
Tuk tuk on a street in Bangkok. Photo: iannnnn (Pixabay)

Thai youth are strutting around in T-shirts bearing cartoonish images of the Nazi dictator. Critics blame it on ignorance Cartoon pandas, Teletubbies, Ronald McDonald. At [Read More…]