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Serbian volleyball player apologizes to Thai team for alleged racist

A Serbian volleyball player has apologised to the Thai team for making an alleged racist gesture during a game in the Nations League, hosted by Italy yesterday (Tuesday). The player, Sanja Djurdjevic, pulled the corners of her eyes back, to narrow them into an ‘oriental’ shape, a gesture not appreciated by native Asians. Sanja has […]Read More


Boer and Afrikaner Minorities in South Africa Face Worsening Situation,

Gruesome farm attacks all over the “Rainbow Nation” continue, with white farmers being targeted by criminals; several NGOs are calling for international attention to the problem. According to Dan Roodt – the founder of the Pro-Afrikaans Action Group (PRAAG), in addition to being targeted by outright criminals, Afrikaners are also suffering from cultural and other […]Read More


World is Getting Crazier Every Day: Users Vexed as Disney+

Amid a renewed debate on racism in everyday life, including the portrayal of black people in popular culture, Disney Plus last year tagged warnings on some of the older films in its archive as containing “outdated cultural depictions”, with some much-loved animated classics flagged. A spate of classic animated favourites of more than one generation […]Read More


Foreigners cry racism over Bangkok Midnight Marathon ban

The organiser of the Bangkok Midnight Marathon (BMM) 2020 was blasted online on Friday after its “new normal race” policy was perceived to be barring foreigners from entering the race. BMM’s Facebook page and social media accounts were on Friday flooded with angry comments about the “new normal race.” Full story: Bangkok Post Anchalee Kongrut […]Read More


Black man beats Macy’s white employee over alleged racial slur,

A viral video shows a black man assaulting a Macy’s employee in Michigan, wrestling the white man on the ground and beating him allegedly over a racial slur. The department store says the attack was unprovoked. Footage of the incident surfaced online earlier this week, promptly going viral. According to the description of the video, […]Read More

Chiang Mai

American man arrested in Chiang Mai after a racist and

An American man has been arrested after racially abusing locals in Chiang Mai. The man’s verbal tirade, which took place on Tuesday evening at Meechok Plaza, was caught on video and shared on Facebook. According to the Facebook user who shared the clip, the foreign man was completely unprovoked and began shouting racist insults and […]Read More


‘You Just Need To Be White To Win’ Ad Denounced

The video advert of a skin whitening pill in Thailand was denounced by many Internet users as racist for carrying the tagline ‘You just need to be white to win.’ After receiving widespread criticism, the maker of the ‘Snowz’ whitening pill removed the ad from YouTube and issued a public apology. The advert featured a […]Read More


Racist taxi driver doesn’t accept Japanese passengers

After a Japanese man was featured in every media outlet for calling the taxi queue at Suvarnabhumi Airport “the disgrace of Thailand,” one Bangkok driver is protesting by openly discriminating against an entire nation. “Cessation of the Japanese passenger,” reads the message written in English, Thai and Japanese, though in Thai it’s closer to “Not […]Read More