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British Man is Desperately Trying to Recover Binned Hard Drive With $280 Mln in Bitcoin

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Bitcoin coins virtual currency

Bitcoin coins virtual currency. Image: PIRO4D / Pixabay.

Welsh IT engineer James Howells is not giving up his attempts to retrieve a lost hard drive from a local garbage dump which could potentially endow him with $280 million.

Howells, 35, told CNBC that the long lost storage device contains the cryptographic “private key” which serves as the only way to unlock the 7,500 bitcoins he had. The man says he threw the hard drive in the trash in 2013 after confusing it with another similar-looking one and since then has been making requests to Newport City Council to search the landfill in attempt to regain the code.

However the authorities have remained adamant so far, citing environmental and financial hurdles the search could put them through, without guaranteeing that the poor fellow will actually discover his lost treasure.

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By Aleksandra Serebriakova
Sputnik International

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