Germany Halts Granting Asylum to Syrians En Masse

Police car in front of Cologne Central Station, Germany

Police car in front of Cologne Central Station a week after New Year's Eve 2015 sexual assaults by refugees in Germany. Photo: Superbass.

Decisions concerning asylum applications have allegedly been postponed for several weeks as German authorities are set to reassess the security situation in Syria, according to media reports. Last year, Germany’s interior minister decided to extend a deportation moratorium for people from the country, citing the possible danger.

The German Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) has apparently been pushing back asylum decisions in recent weeks, the German media group Funke reports. According to the group’s newspapers, migration authorities are postponing applications mainly of people from Syria, who are generally granted subsidiary protection.

The country’s Interior Ministry clarified at the media’s request that this concerns cases for which the proposed changes to the BAMF guidelines would be relevant when making a decision.

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