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Sweden Democrat Leader Refuses to Support Any Gov’t Which Won’t Give Him a Voice

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Grundsund in Västra Götaland, Sweden

Grundsund in Västra Götaland county, Sweden. Photo: Martial GAILLARD-GRENADIER.

The head of Sweden Democrats said he was willing to see a government either comprised exclusively of Moderates or a coalition of Moderates and Christian Democrats.

“We will not, either actively or passively, support a government that does not give us influence,” Akesson told reporters.

Akesson stated that the Sweden Democrats would not provide support for any government that did not provide his party with a say in determining policy. Since the election in early September delivered a hung parliament where neither the center-right Alliance for Sweden coalition nor the left-wing parties could establish a government, the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats, the country’s third-largest party, will play a determining role.

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