Plastic-Free Island: Taiwan to Ban All Single-Use Plastics by 2030

Plastic pollution and garbage

Plastic pollution and garbage. Photo: Hagerty Ryan (Pixnio).

A new plan announced by Taiwan’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sets a timetable for completely phasing out single-use plastic items such as straws, cups and shopping bags by 2030.

Facing a massive marine waste crisis and with Taiwan’s landfills projected to reach capacity in the next six years, according to the Wall Street Journal, the Taiwanese EPA is working with local environmental groups to reduce plastic waste at both ends of the equation — in source and in final resting place.

Officials announced February 22 a new road map to eliminating the four largest sources of plastic waste, Channel News Asia reported. “We aim to implement a blanket ban by 2030 to significantly reduce plastic waste that pollutes the ocean and also gets into the food chain to affect human health,” Lai Ying-ying, an EPA official supervising the program, said.

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