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Rant of Hollywood actor caught on camera in Big C Pattaya

Big C in Roi Et

Big C Supercenter in Roi Et, Isan. Photo: Zax123.

Geoffrey Giuliano ( Hollywood Actor, Writer, Fox News Chan) at Big C: I was waiting at the “10 items only” line at Big C when this guy, his wife and his little boy sneaked before me with a caddy full of stuff.

There is a pole to block these kind of people and the caddy could not go. I explained to his wife that, since there was many empty lines elsewhere, they could go where caddies are accepted. That’s when he lost it!

He started to take all from the caddy and screaming “I am an American, I can do what I want, we are the King of the World!”. He then smashed a watermelon and some bananas (which he refused to pay later “we do not need them”).

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