Plastic bottles and waste at the garbage beach of Malaysia

From rubbish to riches

There are a number of ways of getting rid of your rubbish. Some people choose to recycle, while others like to donate unwanted items to charity. However, Japanese-Thai artist Yuree Kensaku has another method.

Visitors to the 100 Tonson Gallery in Bangkok will be greeted by a colourful collection of pictures, all created from discarded items such as blankets, wood and video tapes.

30-year-old Yuree Kensaku has titled her exhibition “Sweet with Mr Fan” and is presenting her work as a creative way of dealing with seemingly worthless objects.

In an interview with the Bangkok Post Yuree Kensaku said that: “It’s my habit to not throw things away. For me, there is value and meaning in old objects. I’m influenced by my father, who loves nature and fixing old things instead of throwing them away when they fail. As a person, I’m inclined to use all objects to their fullest. Perhaps this trait expresses the environmental concerns I possess.”

The exhibition will be held until August 23rd at the 100 Tonson Gallery, which is located on Soi Tonson, Ploenchit Road, Lumpini.



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