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Many women in Northeastern Thailand alcoholic

A survey revealed up to 59.3 per cent of women aged between 25 and 60 living in rural areas in the Northeast consumed alcohol. Many of them said they had started drinking when they were 16. The survey was conducted by the Community Soul Foundation and Thailand Health Promotion Foundation. Read more: The NationRead More


High levels of toxins found in rural people in Northern

High levels of a toxin contained in the harmful haze that is currently blanketing nine upper northern provinces of Thailand have been found in the urine of people who live near areas where burning and forest fires are common. Chiang Mai University’s Research Institute for Health and Science studied the health impact of haze in […]Read More


Authorities blockade Chinese town rebelling over land dispute

Villagers in the Chinese town of Wukan are now in open revolt as, in the fourth month of their land dispute with the government, they expelled all Communist Party officials. Last Sunday they also repelled an attempt by around a thousand police to retake the town using tear gas and water cannons. Negotiations were previously […]Read More


Thailands Election: Meltdown Coming?

Thailand will hold a long-awaited federal election on July 3, pitting the governing Democrat Party against the opposition Puea Thai party, as well as a group of smaller parties. For some Thai politicians, this poll will be the culmination of a process of national reconciliation that began in the wake of bloody riots in Bangkok […]Read More


Thailand wants another 40,000 nurses

THAILAND – State-run hospitals across the country are competing strongly to grab newly graduated nurses because of a severe shortage blamed on government inattention over the past few years. Khon Kaen Hospital director Dr Peeraphan Suwanchaimart said even though his hospital had 800 nurses, it was not enough because of the National Health Security Office’s […]Read More


Thai academics develop innovative milling machine

BANGKOK, May 12 – A research team from Thailand’s Kasetsart University on Tuesday announced its latest innovation — a small rice milling machine which eliminates the cost and time involved in transporting locally-produced paddy to faraway ricemills as substantial savings for rural communities. The newly-development innovation can husk one hundred kilos of grain per hour […]Read More


Thai Govt wary as red shirts mass in Udon Thani

Thaksin Addresses Supporters Supporters of the pro-Thaksin United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship have gathered in Udon Thani, prompting concern among government figures that the protest group may be regaining strength. Puea Thai MP and UDD key leader Jatuporn Prompan, together with deputy House speaker Apiwan Wiriyachai and a number of Puea Thai MPs, also […]Read More


Thailand: Worst flooding in decades

Heavy rains in the past weeks produced flooding disasters in the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. This post will focus on Thailand which recently experienced its worst flooding in many decades. Since October 10, flooding hit 13 provinces of Thailand. The most serious flooding was seen in the rural northeast. Agricultural crops were destroyed, hospitals […]Read More